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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  June 25, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> more accusations fly of for whether a taxpayer dollars were wasted. we're live with an update between the sparring between the mayor and the city controller. >> the mother continues to press police -- why she believes the case is dragging out too long. >> pehlps looks so much better. >> the late breaking details of this -- >> the u.s. olympic swimming trials got under way tonight. the think that -- do you think they were really working that hard tonight?
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>> they were working hard enough. london is still around the corner. michael phelps made history tonight at the trials. he has become the first male to qualify for a fourth straight olympics. but ryan lochte has become the beat.r to michael phelps jumped to a first strong leg of the butterfly. he finished second overall. last year, ryan lochte beat phelps, and he did it again tonight. he has six more events. by qualifying for the 400, the record-holder has put himself in
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position to swim 8 events, just like he did four years ago in beijing. you'll hear from michael phelps and how he responds to a second place finish tonight. >> let's synchronize our high- definition tvs because it is 32 days and counting until the london olympics. this is your friendly reminder to have your patriotic gear on standby for the olympics. you could watch michael phelps and others. >> they have laid their son to rest, now the family of the 17- year-old christopher brown is demanding answers and the rest of the baltimore county police officer. the teenager died after a confrontation with the off-duty police officer. >> according to electronic court records, the officers is on paid
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administrative leave tonight. christopher browne's mother feels he should be in police custody and facing homicide charges. >> arrest him because as far as i am concerned, he is a danger to society. >> christopher brown's mother has gone through many stages of grief. >> it is hard. this man is walking around. my son has been put to rest. nothing is done. right now, i am feeling like a lot of treatment is given to that officer. i am not asking for life. i am asking for a punishment according to the crime. >> the 17-year-olds died on june 13 after a confrontation. the officer was at his when he told investigators that he heard
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a crash at his front door. he went down to investigate and ended up chasing several people. he eventually found brown hiding in some bushes and said the two ended up in a physical fight before brown fell unconscious. >> we are in the middle of this investigation. we have made a lot of progress. there is still work to do. this is a very serious matter. it is not something that can be turned around overnight. >> browse cause of death has been ruled asphyxiation. brown's family attorney feels the officer should be in custody and charged with first-degree murder. >> it is not a hot pursuit. this person had enough time to chase somebody down and to engage them. >> if it was the average joe blow or if christopher till the police officer, he would be behind bars right now.
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i would love -- there is no money. he can walk free. he killed somebody with his bare hands. >> process she has not seen a condolence letter from -- she has had communication with the baltimore state's attorney. although it can be frustrating to all involved, a thorough investigations take time. there are still witnesses to interview and records to obtain and review. >> five people are hurt after a weekend high school graduation party turned violent. anne arundel county police responded after receiving several phone calls about gunfire and loud noises. when they arrived, police found a 17-year-old boy shot.
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later, they discovered three others staffed -- stabbed. >> the bulk -- the battle over baltimore city's budget is finally over. city council approved the mayor's spending plan in a 9-6 decision. the $2.3 billion operating budget calls for closing to fire truck companies and one side -- squad by july 1st. >> until the economy turns around, something has to go. we're not going to raise any property taxes. unless the advocates understand any to have the administration be willing to put the cuts into the agencies, i cannot be with them. >> supporters of this final version of the budget also point
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to the expansion of the youth works program. >> two of the city's most influential leaders are still feuding over more than half a million dollars in taxpayer money. baltimore city comptroller it tells us she is considering calling for an independent investigation of the way the mayor's office went about buying a telecommunications equipment. >> steffy rawlings blake -- they are locked in an increasingly ugly battle over how to spend taxpayer money. >> you cannot make a wrong right. this is not a computer. this is not the telephone. >> baltimore city comptroller it is widening the scope of for outreach against the mayor's office.
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instead of going to the public bidding process. she said solicitor george nelson stressed -- stretch the definition of computer. >> he had circumvented the city's procurement and violated the city's charter by saying this is a computer. if i go in a store and ask for a television -- a telephone, they're not going to take me to the computer section. >> she says she may ask for an independent investigation of the city's attempt to install a new phone system. the mayor made it clear that she is tired of answering questions about the matter. >> you seem obsessed with this. any questions about the budget? >> the mayor told us she considers the matter scrutinized and over. >> the chief legal officer for
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the city made an opinion. as far as i'm concerned, the legality of the issue is a closed issue. >> what remains open is the animosity between the mayor and the controller. the city solicitor seven-page opinion found that the purchase was neither out of the ordinary ignore in violation of the law. >> bill looks like this season -- it looks like the casino will not open until mid-2014. the ceo said they're still waiting for the lessons to be issued. from there, they need about 18 months to build a two-story casino. the company planned to open a casino by the end of 2013. a coalition of labor unions rallied outside the state house calling on lawmakers to hold a special session to expand gambling in maryland.
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state house leaders -- labor unions took a shot at the governor's economic policy. union leaders say it is inconceivable how the state could lead to 8000 jobs subway. >> the u.s. supreme court is wrapping up its current term this week and some key ruling started coming out today. they threw out a lawsuit filed by voters upset over maryland's congressional restricting -- redistricting map. today's decision also affirms that the state's prison population can be counted by their last known address instead of the address for the prisons where they are confined. the court also voted to strike down 3 at a four provisions in arizona as controversial illegal immigration law. the justices approved the show me your papers provision, requiring police to check the immigration status of those they stopped for other reasons.
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today's ruling did throw out the parts that created -- allowing local police to arrest people for a federal immigration violations. the supreme court ruled underage convicts should have at least a chance of freedom one day. they decided that two men convicted of murder when they were 14 could not be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole because they may be a debilitated. -- they may be rehabilitated. the court will issue its last decision on thursday with its decision on health care overhaul. the entire world got a firsthand look at the misery she endured at the hands of some middle schoolers. >> more people are showing up in a bus monitors corner. >> house some local marines are helping an elderly woman fight back against bullying.
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>> an update on the raging brush fire that caused residents to flee from their homes. >> your insta-weather-plus forecast
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>> a "the new york times bus monitor that felled the attempt to bullying is getting a little bit of military muscle. " i saw the video of what happened to you. nobody deserves that. >> the support of marines are part of a chorus of people
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sticking up for the 68-year-old. more than $645,000 has been raised on her behalf. she made national headlines after a videotape surfaced showing her being greeted with profanity and insults. she has received written apologies from two of the boys. >> the best kind of homecoming today. national guard members returning to md. after months on the ground in afghanistan. >> that is daddy. faces joy on these kid's will melt your heart. there are waiting. patiently for their dads and moms to come home from the war. >> it feels wonderful. >> this lieutenant-colonel was among 30 members of the maryland national guardsmen 135th
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airlift group that touchdown in middle river this afternoon. returning from a 90-day deployment in afghanistan. >> it is amazing. i cannot even describe it. i cannot wait to give them a hug. >> they had been supporting ongoing combat operations. >> we work directly with the army, of moving cargo, passengers, supplies. >> but at the most rewarding deployment i have been none. >> i cannot believe i am home. >> it felt hotter here than in afghanistan. >> steamed crabs. >> tropical storm debby has been walloping the gulf coast of florida. she has been parked there since
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the weekend. she could leave behind 2 feet of rain. widespread flooding, which is another main concern. at least one person has died after a tornado. another man went missing in neighboring alabama. gov. scott declared a statewide emergency today. president and queen anne's county were able to return home after an intense 24 hours. a brush fire that began earlier saturday night or early sunday morning came within 50 feet of about 30 homes. because the residents to be forced to evacuate. the fire destroyed nearly 50 acres of land before crews could contain it. officials suspect the fire could be caused by lightning or carelessness with fireworks. >> your insta-weather-plus forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> this is the first day since summer officially started that the airport did not hit 90
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degrees. 88 for the official high at the airport today. all little bit of rain as the front moved across the region. the big storms have moved out over the atlantic. around here, the skies are clearing. some cooler air is filtering in. there are a few severe storms in parts of eastern north carolina. the front makes its way south. temperatures are cooling off. that is where the air is coming from. garrett county, 52 degrees. by tomorrow morning, we will be in the low 40's. still running in the mid-70's around cambridge. the lower the dew point, the drier the atmosphere.
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we even have some 30's showing up around college park. an indication of the changing air masses, cool and dry for the morning. 50 in the cooler suburbs, 58 downtown baltimore. 71 at the airport. the front is allowing high pressure to push that comparable canadian air mass. it will also keep tropical storm debby well to our south. it has been renting the gulf coast. -- drenching the gulf coast. heavy rain in northern florida and southern georgia. you can see even more in parts of the panhandle of florida. slow-moving system is drifting to the north east at 2 miles an hour. it has been nearly stationary. this is a five-day track.
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with the slow-moving system, they expect another foot of rain in spots down there. here, it is going to be dry. over the course of the next few days, very pleasant summer weather. 78-83 tomorrow. a small craft advisory for the bay. western maryland, after low 40's in the morning, 65 in the afternoon. 73 on wednesday. eastern shore locations, it will be warmer than that. down at ocean city, sunshine and temperatures in the 70's tomorrow in the's on wednesday. baltimore, during nice weather for but tuesday and wednesday. we're right back into the 90's going into the weekend. >> michael phelps remains a big part of the story line. he has to get faster before he
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gets to london. hear what michael has to say, next in sports. >> tonights jackpot has an estimated $1.3 million. you're winning numbers for this monday are 36, 34, 11, 16, 28, 30. if no one matches all six numbers, at the jackpot climbs to 1.35 million dollars. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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>>, four years ago in beijing, michael phelps made history. tonight, at the olympic trials,
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he started to put himself in position for another eight events. it looks like a long shot. ryan lochte going side by side in the 400 individual medley. the reigning world champion easily held off michael phelps in their 1-2 finish tonight. both swimmers qualified for london. michael phelps will head to london as the underdog. ryan lochte has become the gold standard in the 400. >> this is the only meat were second is as good as first. getting on the olympic team is really hard. is want to win, of course. i hate losing. i want to make the olympic team.
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we will see what happens. >> it is all good. i probably can fix a couple of things. >> night off for the orioles. do not look for the miguel to arrive. at least not in the clubhouse. they signed him back in may. up at 259 and didn't put single home run. he asked for his release. he has not indicated if he will try to sign with another team. all kinds of drama at the college world series finale. that is arizona with a double. with the bases loaded, the bottom of the night, south carolina -- arizona wins the
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title. second round loss at the french open followed by a first round loss at wimbledon. william suffers from an autoimmune disease. she looked zapped of energy. she is in the far court. it was not a factor against -- williams trying to move on the ball. it did not have anything today. match point, you can see venus unable to get the ball back across the net.
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maria share oppose the -- sharipova made an easy transition to grass. strong from the start. she advances in straight sets. anthony davis spent only one year at the university of kentucky. later this year, he will go to the nba. do not look to the kid to accuse his new-found wealth at the spa. he hopes to make money off of that. he has decided to take his conspicuous eyebrow growth and tried to market it. "fear the brow." i am not making this up. davis said he did not want anyone else growing a unibrow because of him and tried to make money from it. i do not think that was a problem you had to worry about it. stick around. tom tasselmyer is back with your
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>> it is going to be cool somewhere. >> look at this. >> i suppose, 54. this time of year, that is cool. >> 55 wednesday morning. we will get close to 90 on thursday. mid-90's with some thunderstorms into saturday and sunday. >> that is not cool. >> that is all for us tonight. >> thank you for joining us.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes comedian louis c.k. olympic hurdler, lolo jones. the music of delta rae.


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